Friday, 28 April 2017

Audience Response Results Part 2

Below are some examples of answers written by my target audience for my survey.

"It follows conventions because it follows how a horror trailer would be (builds up intensity and has a jump scare at the end)."
"The texts use colours that would be associated with horror films."
"There is lots of editing to make the trailer and other texts scary, like a horror film"
"The sounds and music fit with real life horror trailers"

"I really like how the trailer gets really intense and builds up to a scary scene at the end."
"I like how image in the horror poster is similar to the image of the scary face in the trailer."
"The magazine cover looks real, the horror poster looks dramatic and the trailer has a really good story to it."
"I love the storyline, and the shots and editing is really good too."
"The editing is amazing, looks like real products."

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