Monday, 2 January 2017

Editing Day 3

1. This is a tracking shot used towards the beginning of the horror trailer. I used this shot to denote the main character asleep, dreaming. I will be editing in short, sharp clips of another character, running from someone/something in order to progress the plot of the film. It also gives the effect that someone/something is watching her sleep.
2. This medium close-up shot follows the previous shot; it denotes the character waking up from her dream in terror/shock, this suggests it was more a nightmare than a dream. Within these two shots, I made the lighting darker in order to make the shot look like it was shot at night. I also added a blue tint to the shot in order to enhance the night-time look.

3. This shot is the opening shot of a different sequence. It is a long shot of the main character sitting in the living room using a device. This shot establishes where the character is (at home).
4. The trailer cuts to an over the shoulder shot of the main character reading what appears to be a news article. I altered the lighting in order to make the article stand out against everything else in the shot.
5. This is a low angle shot of the main character which denotes her expression towards the article.  I used this as it allows the audience to understand the emotion behind the character.
6. This is a super-impose shot. I used this in order to show the main title of the article, to keep the audience updated with the storyline but to also to show the expression of the main character. This is a panning shot onto of a low angle shot.
7. This is a very long shot of the character, but from a different angle from the opening shot. In this shot, the music builds up to a sudden stop, and the character looks up from the article after hearing a loud noise. I used this shot as it denotes the character looking up, across the room, suggesting there is something sinister happening.
8. The shot then cuts to a medium close-up of the character in order to denote her confused expression towards the mysterious noise. Each of these shots within this sequence have been altered in iMovie, in order to make the shots look darker and less saturated/colourful. This is to give a sinister feel to the trailer in order to fit in with the genre.

9. This is the opening shot of another sequence. This is a medium  long shot of the character searching through a bedroom. This sequence carries on the storyline of the trailer, where the girl finds a necklace for another girl from her husband.
10. This is a close-up of the characters hand, denoting her discovery of a small box. I used this shot in order to make it clear to the audience of what the storyline is.
11. This is a low angle, medium close-up which allows the shot to show the facial expression of the character when she discovers the mysterious box.
12. This is an over the shoulder shot to denote the character opening the box, and looking at a necklace and a note which reads the words 'To, Megan x'. I used this shot so the audience can see what the main character is looking at, as if they themselves are looking into this box.
13. I used a jump cut into a close up of the note to make it clearer for the audience and to add a dramatic effect.
14. In the final shot of this sequence, I used a low angle close-up of the character in order to denote her confused facial expression, connoting that there is something wrong. In this sequence, I have again altered the lighting, saturation and colour in order to make the frames more eerie in order to fit into the horror genre.

15. This is a close-up shot used towards the end of my trailer which denotes the main character calling for help.  I took a lot of the bright colours out of this shot and washed them out to create an eerie feel to the frame.
16. This is a shot point of view shot of a door. In this shot, the door  slowly closes shut by a supernatural force. I changed the lighting and colour to make this shot appear at late evening.
17. This medium shot follows on form the previous shot in order to denote the expression of the character towards the mysteriously closing door.
18. This is another medium-long shot of the main character used towards the end of my trailer. The lighting and colour again makes it appear at evening time and fits in with the horror genre.
19. This is a medium tracking shot which tracks the main character as she runs from something. This shot has also been altered to appear eerie and to look as if it was shot in the evening time.
20. This medium close-up of a door slam follows on from the previous shot in order to add effect. I have,  again, altered the lighting, saturation and colour to make the atmosphere very sinister.

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