Monday, 19 December 2016

Editing Day 2

1. This is a medium shot, tracking a character (Megan) running through a forest. This shot represents what the main character is dreaming as it cuts between this shot and a tracking shot of the main character (Kate) sleeping. I added the 'Romantic' effect from the iMovie frame effects tool in order to make it look dream-like.

2. This is the opening of a different sequence. This shot is a very long shot of the main character (Kate) walking through the woods on a gloomy day. The lighting was altered post production in order to make the weather look dull to match with the genre of the film. 
3. This is a medium shot of the main character, denoting her on her phone, innocently walking through the woods from a different angle. This is a tracking shot.
4. This is a medium long shot which, again, tracks the main character. In this shot, we hear a mysteriously loud branch snap which causes the main character to turn around in shock. All of the shots in this sequence have been altered post production in order to make is appear gloomy and scary.

5. This is a medium shot of the main character in the forest, looking around her which suggesting she can hear something around her. This shot tracks around the character to make her the centre focus.
6. This is another shot used in the end of my trailer which denotes the main character running through the woods. In this shot, I altered the lighting and the colour in order to create an eerie effect.

7. This is an establishing shot  which denotes the house of the married couple (the two main characters). This shot pans from right to left in order to denote the house. The lighting and colour has been adjusted in order to make it appear late at night and to add a sinister effect to the atmosphere. I used this to transition between two different sequences.

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