Thursday, 16 February 2017

Editing Day 5

1. This is the opening part the the final sequence of my film. It is a long shot of a door at the end of a corridor. I feel this gives the sense that someone is walking towards the door. I have used a Ken Burns effect on this shot. I darkened the shot and was he out the saturation in order to create a spooky atmosphere.

2. This is a low angle shot of the main character, walking towards the bathtub. The length of each shot is more and a few seconds long in order to build up tension and to drag out the silence. Again I washed out the colour and dimmed the lighting in this shot to create a darker atmosphere.

3.  A close-up of the character's hand turning on the bathtub is used as I feel this adds to the eeriness of the scene. The quiet atmosphere adds a creepy tone, and the sound of only the tap running makes everything even more eerie. The saturation has been washed out as vibrancy would not suit this sort of genre.

4. A medium shot of the character in order to show the character moving from one place to another within the scene.

5. This shot is n over the shoulder shot in order to show what the character is doing. I cropped this frame in order  keep the focus on the main character.

6. This is a medium close up of the character, as well as a tracking shot in order to follow what they are doing.

7. This is a point of view shot used in order to make the audience feel as if they are the character, looking down into the bathtub when the tap suddenly turns off.

8. A close up of the character's reaction of confusion. 

9. This is a shot which pans from right to left to reveal the creature-like character. I have dimmed the lighting, washed out bright colours and lowered the saturation in order to create a horror-like atmosphere in all of these shots in order to create a spooky look. I feel this was a really good idea as it makes the scene even more scary.

10. This is a shot in which I edited in photoshop in order to manipulate the character. I used a series of tools in order to achieve this creepy look to make the character look more creature-like. I feel this really adds to the horror genre.

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