Friday, 6 November 2015

Choosing Images for my Double Page Feature

I took a variety of images for my double page feature using different background settings and poses. The majority of my photographs are very professional and I feel they would be great for my magazine, however some photographs are not the best to use.
1. Personally, I do not think this photograph is good enough to use for my double page feature due to the fact the background takes up to much space and diverts attention away from the model which was not my intention. The model looks too small which does not make her appear independent or ambitious. I do not feel this would be an appropriate image for my double page feature as the positioning is not of a high standard. If the photograph was zoomed in slightly, then this could potentially be a good photo to use.

2. I quite like this image as not only does it denote the model as the main focal point, but it also denotes the autumnal scenery behind her. This photograph allows the audience to focus on the model as she is the main feature of my magazine. This medium close-up denotes the facial expression of the model and prevents distraction of background objects. I feel this could potentially be a good image for my double page feature.

3. This photograph does not look professional in my opinion. To begin with, the lighting is not of a high standard which does allow the audience to see the model very well. Even though the photograph is in focus, the positioning of the model is not great. The model's boots appear to be the focal point, which creates a distraction from the model herself. I feel if this photograph had better lighting and focused more on the model's facial features, it could be a potential image for my magazine. However I would not use this image for my double page feature.
4. I think this image is of an extremely high quality with very good lighting. I also think that the position of this model is very appropriate due to the fact she appears to be the main focal point of the photograph. The background scenery is very autumnal and the wall creates an 'edgy' look. I feel this high quality photograph would be fantastic for my double page feature as it looks very professional and focuses on the model.

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