Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Choosing the Main Image for my Contents Page

I took a variety of images for my contents page using a green screen and other settings as well as a variety of poses for my model. The majority of my photographs are very professional and I feel they would be great for my magazine, however some photographs are not the best to use.
1. This image is simplistic and high quality. I feel this image is very professional and could be a potential photograph for my contents page. The model is standing still, looking directly towards the camera which allows the audience to feel included. This is an appropriate image for a contents page due to the fact there is not too much going on to cause distraction from the rest of  the page.
2. I do not think this photograph is of a high standard. The lighting is very dim and does not favour the model. In addition to this, the model is not posing professionally, but instead being silly. The setting is not very clear on where exactly he model is which results in this image being inappropriate for my contents page. The image is also slightly blurred which brings down the quality of the photograph.
3. Personally, I think this photograph would be great for my contents page as it focuses on the model. The lighting is of a high standard and the quality of the image is great. The photo allows the audience to see the model's full outfit, however the background is quite boring and it is difficult to work out where the model is. This image could potentially be a good image to use for my contents page.
4. This photograph is clearly of a low standard. The lighting is extremely bright which causes the image to look unprofessional. The photo is very blurry which brings down the quality of the photograph. The model has obviously been caught off guard and denotes her posing in a silly way. I would not use this image for my contents page as it is not appropriate.

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