Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Choosing Images for my Front Cover

I took a variety of images for my magazine using different background settings. A lot of my photographs are very professional and I feel they would be great for my magazine, however some photographs are not the best to use.

1. In my opinion, I feel this photograph is of a very high quality. The photograph is not blurry or unfocused which allows the picture to look high quality. I like the way the model is posing and the background does not divert the attention away from her too much. The background denotes nature and a tree which makes the model seem adventurous. The costume chosen suits the magazine style so I feel this could be a very good photograph for my magazine cover.

2. This photograph is not as good to use for my magazine due to the fact it is not of a high quality and the position of the model does not look good. The branches in the foreground prevent the model from being the main focal point and cause her to become blurry. The background scenery also takes up a lot of the photograph which would not favour my magazine as I want the image to focus on the model. The photograph does not allow the audience to see her outfit very well, and it is difficult to see her facial expression. Overall, I do not think this photograph is of a good standard so I shall not use this as my front cover image.

3. This photograph comes across as very professional due to its high quality. The model is positioned in the centre of the image, yet the audience is still able to see the background scenery. The photograph denotes the model's outfit and her facial expression in high quality which is why this would be a good photograph to use for my magazine front cover. Again, this setting makes the model seem adventurous and down to earth.
4.  This photograph is clearly not very professional due to the fact the model is caught off guard and the image does not focus on the model. The model is more to the left of the image and only takes up a small section of the photograph. The background scenery takes up a lot of space in this photograph which diverts attention away from the model which is the opposite of what I wanted. This photo could be better if the model was placed more in the foreground and posing in a professional way. As a result, I would not use this as my front cover image.

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