Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Production of Front Cover

Over a period of time, I have designed and created a front cover for my magazine. I have used a range of typical conventions which would feature in  a magazine and taken my own photographs to use. I have taken screen captures of the production of my font cover.



To begin with, I opened up the photograph (which I had already edited) and fitted it with the measurements of the magazine front cover. This image denotes the model I will be using in my magazine.


                Here I have added my magazine's masthead. This also acts as a logo for my magazine. I chose this masthead design as it proved very popular in my questionnaire.


              Next I added basic white shapes so I can place article titles on top of them. These are to prevent the article writing blending in with the background as the colours may contrast.


I then added some typical conventions which include: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook logos. I also added a barcode and a price positioned at the bottom of the page.


Next I added in the article titles on top of the white shapes. This is so the writing stands out against the white. I also added the issue number at the top of the page.


  Then I added in a section of writing which includes a long list of bands featured in the magazine. I added this as it can draw in attention from readers as there are a lot of famous bands listed here.


 Finally, I added the main article title at the bottom of the page in order to inform the audience who the model in the image is.

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