Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Double Page Feature Evaluation

My Final Double Page Feature:

I am very happy with how my double page feature turned out. I feel it matches with the genre of my magazine and also the colour scheme matches the overall magazine theme. The deep red/burgundy colour looks very 'rock' which gives the audience a hint to what type of article this is. On one half of the page, I have placed an image of the model sitting on a wall in addition to the autumnal background. This adds a grungy/edgy look to the page. The model is wearing dark clothing which allows her to match with the magazine theme and has connotations of rock/mystery. The title is written in large, bold letters to inform the audience what the article is about. I placed a black box underneath this in order to highlight the white writing. The article is written in columns which is a typical convention of a magazine. The article is written in both black and red writing which again matches with the overall theme. I have also added a large quote towards the bottom of the photograph to give the audience a sneak peak of what is in the article. I feel that my double page feature is of a very high standard and the photograph is excellent quality. The overall appearance of the page is professional and I am very pleased with the final product.

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