Friday, 8 January 2016

Front Cover Evaluation

My Final Front Cover:

I am extremely pleased with how well my front cover turned out. I feel that my front cover matches the genre I selected for my magazine and the colour scheme works really well. The deep purple colours are very rock/edgy and match with the black and white. The white stands out against the background which allows certain sections to stand out more than others. I have used a limited amount of fonts in order to make the overall page look professional. I have added in typical conventions such as a website URL, barcode and a price. The title is placed a the top corner and draws in the attention of the audience. The overall aesthetic is professional which draws in readers and makes the magazine look appealing. The photograph used is of a high quality and fits in with the theme and genre of the magazine. The model wears an all black outfit with elements of white which matches the colour scheme and gives off an edgy look. I feel that this page is very professional and of a high standard. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

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