Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Post-Production Questionnaire Evaluation

In my questionnaire I was able to discover what my target audience liked and disliked about my magazine. From the bar chart graph I can conclude that the images used are of a high standard and that my magazine is not gender biased. As my magazine is not gender biased, this can widen my audience and also entice a female audience in a male-dominated field. The most negatively answered question was 'Can you relate to the article' as five people said no. This is understandable as not everyone can relate to one thing in particular, however the majority of participants stated they could relate. This means there is only a minority of people who cannot relate. The majority of participants agreed that they liked the appearance and that it fits with the genre of the content. By looking at this graph, I can see that my magazine is a success and that all the participants would recommend the magazine to a friend.

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